Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

The Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Few islands in the world offer the diversity that exists in Sri Lanka.

This teardrop island holds vibrant cities, lush rainforest, arid grassland and rolling tea plantations, encased by some of the best beaches in south-east Asia. Exotic wildlife and tropical plants are in abundance, in the 26 national parks and beyond – including in the seas around the island.

As well as its extraordinary environments, Sri Lanka has a rich history that is evidenced by ancient cultural sites, colonial heritage buildings, and the island’s melting pot of modern-day traditions that were influenced by travellers from all over the world. Add in the intoxicating atmosphere and unhurried way of life, and you have the perfect recipe for paradise.

Highlights of a Sri Lanka holiday

  • Climb to the staggering Sigiriya Rock Fortress
  • Hike the idyllic tea country hills
  • Spot elephants and leopards in national parks
  • See whales and dolphins in the wild
  • Cycle the complex of the ancient Anuradhapura citadel
  • Marvel at the masterful art of Dambulla Cave Temple
  • Sample street food in the royal city of Kandy
  • Explore the capital, Colombo in a tuk tuk
  • Wander the streets of historic Galle Fort
  • Taste a range of mouth-watering traditional dishes
  • Ride the historical railway line
  • Relax on beautiful beaches
  • Indulge in soothing spa treatments
  • Experiment with authentic Ayurveda
  • Try a variety of exhilarating water-sports

Sri Lanka’s Nine Narratives

Culinary Delights

Sri Lanka is a food-lovers paradise. During a full-island tour, you can tantalize your tastebuds with spicy and sweet from fiery curries to fresh tropical fruit.

Unparalleled Adventure

Sri Lanka is a land of adventure. There are endless ways to escape the ordinary during your trip, whether you want to take to the sea, hike to hidden parts of the hills, or cross the country on a heritage railway line

Inspiring architecture

The legendary architect Geoffrey Bawa and his unique architectural concept “Tropical Modernism”, is undoubtedly an indispensable part of the island’s identity.

Sweet Cinnamon

Traders and explorers from far-off lands have for centuries been lured to this paradise isle by the exquisite aroma of Ceylon Cinnamon.

Beautiful Beaches

Surrounded by the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, the island is a paradise to live your tropical fantasy.

Amazing wildlife

If you want to get as close to nature as possible, spying on Sri Lanka’s exotic wildlife is the best way to cross off your wildlife bucket list.

Ceylon tea

If there is one thing you must do on a holiday in Sri Lanka that is to taste a cup of Ceylon tea.

Our ancient civilisation

Heritage is a magical word that turns buildings into symbols that define a nation and cities into thriving crowd-pleasers.

Indigenous Medicine & Wellness (Hela Wedakama)

The early medicinal history of Sri Lanka is abound in legends, according to which King Ravana, the prehistoric Ruler of the island was said to be a versatile medical practitioner and is said to have hailed from a family specializing in folk medicine and is the author of several ancient medical manuscripts.

Trips we have designed

Over the River and through the Hills

  • Hike up Bible Rock Mountain
  • Canyoning, Kayaking & Cycling in Kithulgala
  • Trek through the Tea Hills in Ella via the Pekoe Trail
  • Go on a safari through a national park and a bushwalk in the evening

Go wild for a While

  • Explore a tropical rainforest and discover endemic flora & fauna.
  • Go on jeep safari through the jungles of Yala.
  • Spot elephants swimming from one island to another on a boat safari
  • Interact with the indigenous people of Sri Lanka.
  • Hike up Monkey Mountain

Adrenaline Rush

  • Go on safari or a bush walk through a national park
  • Discover a secret rainforest
  • Kayak down the Kelani River
  • Trek through the tea hills
  • Surf and set out to spot whales

Trek away from it All

  • Walk between remote tea hills hotels
  • Discover the beauty of the little-visited Knuckles Mountain Range
  • See Sri Lanka’s varied flora and fauna
  • Indulge in yoga and Ayurveda

Get Wonderfully Lost

  • Cycle through plantations and explore a tea factory
  • Empower through education – the changing lives of plantation youth
  • Visit a turtle hatchery in the southern coastal town of Bentota
  • Immerse yourself in art – the ancient craft of mask making and painting
  • Explore the wetlands of Balapitiya on a boat

Less is More

  • Slow down and de-stress
  • Traverse the idyllic tea hills
  • Picnic at beautiful viewpoints
  • Discover Galle beyond the tourist trail
  • Relax on picturesque beaches

Zen Cleanse

  • Take time to completely unwind
  • Learn the secrets of ancient Ayurveda
  • Stay in an award-winning wellness retreat
  • Indulge in yoga and meditation
  • Nourish your mind, body and soul

Reset Your Chakras

  • Trek through the Kandyan foothills
  • Learn the secrets of ancient Ayurveda
  • Stay in beautiful wellness retreats
  • Indulge in yoga and meditation
  • Explore Galle beyond the tourist trail

Inhale the Future, Exhale the Past

  • Personalized wellness treatment plan to suit your specific requirements.
  • Yoga – Inhale the future and exhale the past
  • Treks and hikes into off the beaten paths
  • Discover the joys of birdwatching
  • Explore rural villages and temples

Form the Hills to the birthplace of Cinnamon

  • Visit a tea plantation and tea factory in the heart of tea hills.
  • Trek to waterfall and swim, farmhouse lunch and artisanal tea tasting.
  • Explore the Galle fort in a tuk tuk and savor the street food in the evening.
  • Cycle through scenic rural villages and cook with a local family in Galle.
  • Visit to a cinnamon plantation.
  • Relax by the serene beaches of Mirissa

The Cultural Triangle and the Jungles of Wilpattu

  • Explore the ancient ruins of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and forest monasteries.
  • Climb up the rock fortress, Sigiriya.
  • Jeep safaris in the largest national park in Sri Lanka.
  • A hosted walk-through Kandy, the hill Capital

Ancient Kingdoms & Misty Hills

  • Explore the ancient ruins of Anuradhapura and forest Monasteries
  • Ride through the city of Kandy on a tuk tuk and explore the Temple of the Tooth
  • Take a scenic train ride in to the heart of tea hills.
  • Cycle through a village and cook a traditional meal with a local family in Galle.
  • Explore the living monument of the Galle Dutch Fort on a hosted walk

Trekking the roots of tea

  • Explore Loolecondera, the birthplace of Ceylon Tea
  • Go on guided treks through Sri Lanka’s most scenic and historic tea estates

A Journey of Discovery

  • Trek through remote jungle
  • Stay with local villagers
  • Experience glorious Knuckles
  • Find total tranquillity
  • Live without electricity

Tea, Treks and Waterfalls

  • Stay on a working farm
  • Dabble in local delicacies
  • Trek to glorious viewpoints
  • Picnic by a natural pool
  • Explore waterfalls and caves


The different transport options for a Sri Lanka holiday

One of the aspects of overseas travel that people commonly find stressful is travel: getting to and from the destination, and navigating the country during the holiday. With our tours of Sri Lanka, we organize every detail of each journey in advance of arrival so that guests can sit back and relax during their trip. Explore the different transport options available for a Sri Lanka holiday itinerary.

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