Indigenous Medicine & Wellness (Hela Wedakama)

The early medicinal history of Sri Lanka is abound in legends, according to which King Ravana, the prehistoric Ruler of the island was said to be a versatile medical practitioner and is said to have hailed from a family specializing in folk medicine and is the author of several ancient medical manuscripts. It is believed that he used panchangaya – flowers, fruit, leaves, bark and the root of trees in the healing ritual.

Sri Lanka’s indigenous system of traditional medicine has been practiced for well over five thousand years. Considered by many scholars as the oldest healing science, the traditional medicine is known as Desheeya Chikitsa and have been influenced by Ayurveda and Sidda of India and Unani medicine of Greece.

It is one of the world’s oldest holistic (whole-body) healing systems focusing on improving an individual’s mental and physical wellbeing, utilizing the healing properties of natural ingredients.

These ancient traditional methods don’t simply act as a cure, but also a preventative measure. These therapies are designed to revitalize the mind, body and soul, restoring strength and enhancing your well-being. Treatments vary from Herbal steam baths, saunas to meditation, acupuncture, energy medicine and yoga. Combined with a healthy and nutritious diet containing, organic food products of fruits and vegetables are also a key factor in the healing process.

These ancient healing methods have attracted man travelers who recognize Sri Lanka as their destination of choice for medication where you find internationally reputed wellness retreats, luxury boutiques. spas and meditation centers all over the country welcoming travelers throughout the year.

Visitors to these establishments are focused on treatments for detoxing, weight loss and stress relief, as a way of getting away from their busy and stressful lifestyles. Many enjoy the calming exuberance of Yoga and meditation to maintain perfect mental health and inner peace.

While wellness tourism was once considered to be limited to spa vacations and pampering, it is nowadays considered to be the total wellness package to include several healthy practices and more experiential in what it has to offer such as eating, cooking, exercise, and mediation.

Stays at these wellness retreats can be booked by visitors based on the wellness package, treatments and length of stay, they desire.