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Our Story


Our journey began almost 10 years ago. In 2014, two leaders in the local tourism industry – Red Dot Tours and Sri Lanka in Style – embarked on a joint venture to act as a tour operator for foreign agencies selling Sri Lanka holidays. Combining their decades of knowledge and experience allowed the companies to provide unparalleled expertise, services, and creativity under the umbrella of The Fabulous Getaway.

Today, The Fabulous Getaway partners with companies and people from all over the world from the U.K. and Europe to Australia and the United States exclusively on Business-to-business basis (B2B). We do not limit ourselves to only assisting with operations such as reservations and transport but provide concierge service. Our team freely share their advice to help our partners abroad stay up to date with the latest in-country developments and to ensure that all itineraries are perfectly tailored to each client.

We understand that each traveler is different, and we strive to deliver customized.

Tours that go above and beyond cookie-cutter holidays with little choice of activity and accommodation. Our in-house product team are constantly on the hunt for unique experiences and the best quality hotels and villas so that together we can deliver Sri Lanka holidays that are truly unforgettable.

An extension of the commitment to excellence that underpins all we do is our passion for sustainability. We are dedicated to promoting responsible travel in Sri Lanka and recommending only authentic experiences for your clients. Tours centered around nature retreats, green transport, and giving back can be arranged for any travelers that want to put the environment and social responsibility at the heart of their holiday.

Whether you are designing a romantic escape, fun family getaway, group tour, or educational trip, you can trust The Fabulous Getaway to assist you every step of the way. From crafting unbeatable itineraries to providing exceptional logistics and customer service while your clients are in Sri Lanka, we promise to be the perfect partner for you or your company consistent with your aims and values. We live by the moto of exceeding the expectations of our valued clients!


To be Sri Lanka’s most trusted and creative travel company, by listening carefully and understanding our clients, striving always to harness the extraordinary power of travel to transform and enrich people’s lives, while at the same time supporting sustainable tourism by working with ethical partners, by developing experiences that respect local communities and culture, by protecting, preserving and nurturing heritage sites and Sri Lanka’s natural biodiversity.

What makes us different ?

Unsurpassed Expertise

There are many factors that allow us to deliver unsurpassed expertise at every turn. First and foremost, our team is highly trained with regular familiarization trips to experience our product offering first-hand. In addition, a passion for travel fuels each and every team member, backed by the three decades of experience in designing and running Sri Lanka holidays that is the foundation of The Fabulous Getaway. All of this is enhanced by a deep general knowledge of Sri Lanka’s diverse culture and vibrant traditions.

Effortless communication

Our team are actively committed to quick responses and thorough explanations, and are well-able to meet tight deadlines and perform in pressurized situations. All of our team boast fantastic English skills, and we are proud to work with several consultants who speak a variety of other languages for effortless communication in your mother tongue.

Exceptional Guiding

We nurture and reward great guiding and we are proud to work with some of the best chauffeur-guides in the country. Our experienced team work to a Drivers’ Code which ensures high levels of safety and in-vehicle comfort in addition to informative guiding. Our drivers are great with children and many have specialist knowledge based on their own personal interests such as birdwatching. Your clients govern the relationship throughout the tour, with our chauffeur-guides happy to interact as much or as little as they prefer.

Unique Experiences

Innovation and authenticity are at the heart of TFG’s ethos and philosophy. We have a specialised product team who live and breathe Sri Lanka to ensure that all our travel products are as authentic and engaging as possible. Seeking to plan something extra-special? Just ask and we will do our best to deliver: we work with a wide range of excellent suppliers who are often only too happy to create a customised experiences for clients.

Competitive Price

We are committed to ensuring fair pricing at all times, through competitive and consistently up-to-date hotel tariffs and by building strong relationships with our activity providers. We also strive to enhance proposals by including value additions such as upgrades, wellness treatments, meals or experiences.

Strength & stability

Backed by diversified and reputed conglomerate partners who trust in us as a strong and stable organisation, we have gained the confidence of international associations and licensing boards. You can trust TFG to be with you for the long-run. Our affiliations the only indigenous virtuoso on Sri Lanka and we are a member of serendipity and pioneer in pure. Our amenities with approximately with 50 upmarket boutique hotels we have on going amounts program where clients will be given complementary amenities when they book through TFG.

Meet the Team

The Fabulous Getaway is comprised of a small team of highly experienced designers, operations staff and guides with a passion for travel, well versed in uncomplicating the most complex journeys. Talk to us and let us know what you are looking for. Ask us for some of our sample itineraries or experiences. Our trips are designed entirely around your client’s needs.

Get Perfect Tour Experience

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