Sea Plane

Many people will be keen to take a seaplane transfer in the Maldives – and with good reason. The sensational views of the islands, surrounded by nothing but azure water, is not one to be missed.

Seaplanes travel to most atolls in the Maldives, with journeys ranging from 15 minutes to an hour. Visitors may have to wait for up to two hours at the airport for their seaplane transfer, although the resorts strive to plan timings around international flight arrivals to avoid this.

Clients will need to visit the seaplane check-in desk in the Arrivals Hall of Malé airport. From here, they will be transferred to the seaplane terminal on the other side of the island. Most hotels have their own private lounge in this terminal and travellers are well-taken care of while they wait.

Shared and private transfers are available – ask your TFG consultant which is best for your client. Seaplanes can only operate during daylight hours, so be sure that the flight arrives before 4pm. Return transfers should depart after 9am. Clients should be advised that the baggage allowance is 20kg luggage and 5kg hand luggage per person, and that adverse weather may disrupt planned schedules.