Need inspiration for your client’s tailor-made tour of Sri Lanka?

While the classic two-week trip around the island is popular with good reason, it may not be right for everyone – especially if your clients are not first-time visitors to the country. Below we have outlined our top themes for a Sri Lanka holiday, from an indulgent wellness experience to an in-depth exploration into the island’s colonial heritage. Whatever your interests, there’s plenty of delights to be discovered in Sri Lanka: let us help you craft a holiday that your clients will never forget!


Of course, wellness means something different to everyone. Our methods for unwinding are unique to us! However, there are overarching themes that apply for all: peaceful surroundings, switching off from stress, and taking the time to practice selfcare.

Sri Lanka is an idyllic setting for a wellness holiday – not only thanks to its scenery and alluring atmosphere, but also because it boasts a variety of dedicated retreats that prioritise mental and physical wellbeing. You can also explore Ayurveda in Sri Lanka, an ancient holistic healing system.

Highlights of a Sri Lanka wellness holiday

Outdoor Adventure

With a wealth of different landscapes all within easy reach of one another, Sri Lanka is a fantastic option for an outdoor adventure tour. From the lush hills and mountains of the Tea Country to the glorious golden coastline, there are many spectacular environments to be discovered.

Outdoor adventure activities in Sri Lanka range from exhilarating water-sports to gentle bike rides, so there is something to suit all fitness levels. Families can choose from a range of child-friendly options including tacking thrilling rapids while white-water rafting.

Outdoor adventure activities in Sri Lanka

Culinary Tour

As a key port on the Silk Route for centuries and an object of desire for several European countries, Sri Lanka was influenced by cultures from around the globe. This is reflected in the island’s richly diverse modern-day cuisine.

A culinary tour of Sri Lanka is endless rewarding for foodies. While the traditional rice and curry is a highlight, there are many other flavours in store including tropical fruit, fresh seafood, and sweet street food treats. Tourists can also see local produce being grown: add in a visit to a spice plantation, or a guided tour of a tea estate.

The essential flavours of Sri Lanka

Ancient Arts

For those with a penchant for history, a tour centred around Sri Lanka’s ancient arts is sure to fit the bill. The stories of the Sinhalese kings are as sensational as the sites they left behind, and many ancient customs are still alive in the island’s today.

Tourists can experience the country’s early history at unique UNESCO sites that showcase an expertise in engineering and at age-old temples decorated with staggering sculptures and murals. There is also the chance to explore tradition by watching a festival or traditional dance show.

Uncovering Sri Lanka’s ancient arts

Colonial Heritage

Sri Lanka has a significant colonial heritage that plays a key part in the island’s contemporary culture. Colonised by the Portuguese, Dutch, and finally the British until 1948, each European presence left a legacy that has endured to this day.

Evidence of Sri Lanka’s colonial heritage is widespread. This means that clients can explore this part of the island’s past in a variety of different ways, from analysing the amazing architecture of 17 th – century Galle Fort to trekking through the tea estates that traverse the central hills.

Insight into Sri Lanka’s colonial heritage


Jungle, rainforest, grass fields, scrubland, mountains, lakes, rivers… Sri Lanka has no shortage of environments, each providing the perfect habitat for a range of exotic and endemic wildlife. The ocean surrounding the island is no exception, home to an array of aquatic creatures including whales. Birdwatching is exceptionally rewarding here, primarily during migration season.

In fact, Sri Lanka’s astonishing biodiversity yet compact structure makes it one of the best countries in the world for a wildlife tour. This is particularly true if you are travelling with children who are resistant to long drives and the hassle of internal flights.

Essential experiences for a Sri Lanka wildlife tour