Jetwing Vil Uyana

The hotel data

Jetwing Vil Uyana is a vast hotel with a holiday village feel built across 28 acres of paddy fields, marshland, and forest, interwoven by a network of waterways. Days are tranquil with many bird and butterfly sightings, and nights are silent but for crickets and frogs. Sigiriya Rock lies immediately to the west, and the other historic highlights of the Cultural Triangle are just a short drive away.

36 dwellings, each with an utterly private setting surrounded by nothing but nature, provide your accommodation. Each room has an unusual layout that makes the most of your surroundings as well as a private deck with outdoor dining area, in addition to all modern amenities. Some rooms also have a plunge pool.

For food, guests have the choice of eating at Sulang café which is surrounded by water or Aspara, a fine-dining restaurant with astonishing views of Sigiriya Rock. You can also indulge in private destination dining, perhaps in the middle of the lake or high in a tree house. Other facilities are a swimming pool, gym, and wellness centre. An in-house naturalist provides guided nature walks.

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