Galle Fort with a Local

The full Experience

Travel the fort with your well-informed host from its striking bastions and grass-covered ramparts to small cobbled streets lined with intriguing buildings.

Begin your walk from the newer and now main entrance which, after climbing some stone steps, you will be stood upon.  Survey the inside of this remarkable fortification, the Indian Ocean beyond and iconic cricket ground as your host regales you with historic tales of its creation and threats.  Meander your way past some of the fort’s best known landmarks but look out also for some lesser known gems.  With 150 acres to explore, this tour follows a route that whets the appetite, with a comprehensive and captivating selection of facts and stories drawing from religion, history, architecture, daily life and the devastation of the 2004 Tsunami.

Explore what was once the largest living sea port in Asia. Walk the grass clad ramparts that tell tales of a colonial past. Hear and see the fort through the eyes of a local resident.