Unseen Village of Hiriwadunna

The full Experience

Travel through the village and it’s fields by the Land master which was the common mode of transportation in Sri Lankan history. The experience showcases the travelers the way farmers work in their paddy fields and their remote lifestyle. (Like grinding paddy, grinding flour and weaving coconut leaves). You will travel through the remote trail of the thick jungle under the green canopy to explore a chena cultivation which will enable you to discover the way how farmers protect their crops by pests and other animals by spending the nights on the tree huts. Here you can pick your own vegetables to be cooked later during your lunch. You’ll be served with some herbal tea to refresh yourself. Next, take part in a breathtaking boat ride through the lake and observe varied species of birds. You’ll end up your experience with a traditional Sri Lankan lunch at a village house. At the village house there will be a short cooking demonstration. You will get the opportunity to have traditional Sri Lankan rice and curry with bursting flavors to remember for a lifetime.

Greet to guests and making an introduction about the village tour. Land master tour through the village into jungle. Explanation about rotate paddy & vegetable cultivation. Explanation about the lifestyle of the farmers who live in the middle of the forest and their cultivation. Pick some organic vegetables from the chena. Guests have a snack at another chena. explanation about flora and fauna in the jungle. Traditional butter oil extraction machine. Explanation and show them how to get oil from the seeds and its properties.