The Buddhist Nuns

The full Experience

Take a guided tour of the Bhikkuni Monastery. A meditation centre focused women who give everything to follow Buddhism.

Mahapajapati Gotami was the first woman to seek ordination, and did so directly from Buddha. It is her that continues to inspire women all around the world today to become a bhikkuni (Buddhist nun). It is at this monastery that caters specifically to the Bhikkuni that your knowledgable guide will walk you around. As you walk through the grounds please ask him any questions you may have as he talks you through the founding principles of Buddhism. From meditation hall to private gardens you will traverse the history of the people group as you wander through the gardens. You will discover foundational elements of a temple which include the bodhi tree, stupa and image houses which adorn the grounds beautifully. Prepare some questions as you will meet a nun and have the opportunity to talk with her about her life following Buddhism.

Discover what it means for women to become nuns. Learn the history behind the first woman to follow Buddha. Engage in conversation about Buddhism’s principles.