A Stroll In Little Rome

The full Experience


Famously known as Little Rome, Negombo is a coastal town 45 minutes from Colombo Airport. Perhaps one of the first towns to embrace Catholicism during the Portuguese period, it now has the Largest Catholic community in Sri Lanka.

This treasure trove of a city is a thriving community. It is home to an infamous fishing clan called the ‘Karava” people. This fishing settlement is more than 500 years old and still resides on the shores of the Negombo lagoon.

The colorful lives of this thriving fishing community are openly seen when you visit the legendary Negombo fish market, which is the 2nd largest fish market on the island. The fresh catch of the day comes straight from the ocean to the market, where fish are auctioned within minutes.

From the smallest sardines to the deep sea giant marlins to various crustaceans like the giant lagoon mud crab, this lagoon is rich to the brim. No fish goes a waste either where unsold fish is left to soak for days in big brine barrels and later sundried to a crisp. This creates a famous delicacy on the island called dried.

Visit the ancient eccentric temple of Agurukaramulla, which has a very interesting story. The paintings in this temple were done by renowned local painter Solias Mendis, who was considered a national treasure.

The temple is also home to a 300-year-old library that boasts an extensive range of books. Negombo is also home to one of the island’s largest and oldest Dutch forts. The compound is a prison with an old Anglican church at its helm.

Drop in at the home turned museum of Rukmani Devi, considered as the ‘Nightingale of Sri Lanka. This intimate tour of her house gives an insight into the golden years of Sri Lankan Cinema. End your evening at a local hangout sipping locally brewed Lovi-lovi wine and Jaffna rolled cigars